Socio-environmental systems indicators for climate change adaptation & resilience in the US

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Keely Maxwell, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Jesse Keenan, Harvard University
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The goal of this workshop is to advance development of socio-environmental systems indicators of climate change to support adaptation and resilience decisions in the United States. Climate change science has evolved from an initial emphasis on geophysical processes, climatological data, and computer models, into a multi- and inter- disciplinary endeavor to analyze ecological and social impacts. Indicators of climate change need to evolve, as well, to better measure environmental changes, social vulnerability, and societal impacts through time. Techniques for combining biophysical and social indicators of climate change are beginning to be developed at regional and local scales for particular ecosystems and human populations. A key scientific question thus arises: can we generalize from these cases into an overarching socio-environmental systems approach to indicator development? This workshop convenes participants with diverse experiences developing and using climate change indicators to generate a common understanding of what socio-environmental systems indicators might look like, and how they can support adaptation and resilience decisions.


Susan Julius, US EPA
Michael Kolian, US EPA
Alex de Sherbinin, Columbia University
Jill Gambill, University of Georgia
Amy Snover, University of Washington Cimate Impacts Group
Carlos Gonzales Inca, University of Turku (Finland)
Melissa Kenney, University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment
Anne Marsh. USDA Forest Service
Rebecca French, State of Connecticut
Natasha Udu-gama, American Geophysical Union
Victoria Reyes-García, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Jia Li, US EPA
Denise Pollock, Alaska Institute for Justice
Victoria Ramenzoni, Rutgers University
Genee Smith, Johns Hopkins University
Laurie Monserrat, California/EPA
Derek Arndt, NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information
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