Interdisciplinary Best Practices for Ecosystem Services Methods in Federal Agency Decision Making

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Lydia Olander, Duke University
Robert Johnston, Clark University
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The primary outcome and product from this SESYNC project would be practical best practices and principles for the use of ecosystem services methods by U.S. federal agencies in relevant decision contexts, such as procurement, performance metrics, and benefit-cost analysis. These best practices would be designed to support and provide a resource for the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and agencies as they begin building their guidances on implementation. In order to ensure the best practices document produced at the SESYNC workshop provides what is needed, experts from the government will be invited to provide input and feedback on initial drafts and ideas put forth by the acknowledged experts leading the workshop.

Greg Arthaud, U.S. Forest Service
James Boyd, SESYNC, Resources for the Future
Bruce Carlson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Todd Doley, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Erica Goldman, Council on Environmental Quality
Peter Grigelis, U.S. Department of the Interior
Jimmy Kagan, Oregon State University
Stuart Levenbach, Office of Management and Budget
Lori Lynch, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Lynn Maguire, Duke University
Margaret Palmer, SESYNC, University of Maryland
Stephen Polasky, University of Minnesota
Bruce Rodan, Office of Science and Technology Policy
Tracy Rouleau, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Pervaze Sheikh, Congressional Research Service
David Simpson, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Melanie Stansbury, Office of Management and Budget
Heather Tallis, The Nature Conservancy
Maria Wegner-Johnson, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


Resource Titlesort descending Brief Summary
Benefit relevant indicators: Ecosystem services measures that link ecological and social outcomes Dec 11, 2017

Article published in Ecological Indicators.

Best Practices for Integrating Ecosystem Services into Federal Decision Making Jun 01, 2015

As a first attempt by experts to set standards for implementation of ecosystem services assessments, Best Practices for Integrating Ecosystem Services into Federal Resource Management is intended to assist federal agencies to respond to the 2012 Forest Planning Rule, the 2013 Principles and Requirements for Federal Investments in Water Resources, and prospective guidance from the Council on Environmental Quality related to ecosystem services and federal decision making.

Data and Modeling Infrastructure for National Integration of Ecosystem Services into Decision Making: Expert Summaries Jul 18, 2017

Paper available through the Nicholas Institute.

So you want your research to be relevant? Building the bridge between ecosystem services research and practice Jul 04, 2017

Article published in Ecosystem Services.

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