Brazil Forest Code

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Principal Investigator: 
Jill Caviglia-Harris, Salisbury University
Petterson Vale, University of São Paulo
Ellen Wohl, Colorado State University
Associated Program: 

This project seeks to evaluate the impact of forest cover change on hydrological services in the Brazilian Amazon. More specifically, the Pursuit team is interested in determining (1) whether deforestation and pasture establishment have altered the water balance at different spatial scales in Rondônia; (2) if changes in seasonal water impact household agricultural production and welfare; and (3) if the new forest code will reverse any negative effects of land cover change on the human and hydrologic systems. They hypothesize that (1) deforestation and pasture establishment decreases dry season stream discharge; (2) a reduction in dry season discharge will negatively impact farm production, particularly milk, which is observed to vary by season; and that (3) the new forest code will play a role in reducing some of these negative impacts on local rivers and household agricultural production.


Trent Biggs, San Diego State University
Erin Sills, North Carolina State University
Katrina Mullan, Univeristy of Montana
Dar Roberts, University of California, Santa Barbara
Becky Dickson, TerraCarbon
Thales Augusto Pupo West, University of Florida
Yu Wu, North Carolina State University
Rodney Feddema, San Diego State University
Antônio Calazans Reis Miranda, Secretary of Water Resources and Urban Environments/Ministry of Environment, Brasília
Bernardo de Araujo Moraes Trovão, Secretary of Forest Resources, Brasília
Janaína Rocha, Secretary of Forest Resources, Brasília
Arquimedes Ernesto Longo, Secretary of Environment, Rondônia
Thais Santiago, Federal University of Lavras
Vinivius Berto, Universidade Federal de Rondônia
Elvino Ferreira, Universidade Federal de Rondônia
Jasmine Fuller, Salisbury University
Daniel Harris, Salisbury University
Thais Santiago, Universidade Federal de Rondônia
Ricardo Vale, University of Sao Paulo
Thales West, University of Florida
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