Socio-Environmental Immersion Program 2015

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Award Year: 
Principal Investigator: 
Kristal Jones, SESYNC
William Burnside, SESYNC

The recognition that all environmental problems are social problems and that people are a central component of environmental systems has led to growth in research under the rubric of socio-environmental (S-E) science. This research emerged from many scholarly traditions including economics, sociology, ecology, anthropology, and, more recently, sustainability science. Each of these traditions has distinct theories and epistemologies that influence what frameworks, methods, and approaches are integral to conducting and contributing to research on S-E problems and issues.

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)'s Immersion Program is organized to study the following questions:

  • How do the theories, epistemologies, frameworks, methods, and approaches of disciplines in S-E science relate to one another?
  • What level of knowledge of the different traditions is desirable for researchers from one discipline to work productively in transdisciplinary groups?

The Immersion Distinguished Scholar Workshops are based on the immersion principle: that diving into new ideas in the context of problems familiar from one’s own disciplinary tradition will support learning and later application of the new ideas. Participants will be encouraged to work with one another and other scholars to produce synthetic papers or other products focused on integrating theory and methods across disciplines to understand the dynamics of coupled S-E systems.

For more information about the Immersion Program, click here.

Steven Alexander, SESYNC
Meghan Avolio, SESYNC
Noelle Beckman, SESYNC
Elizabeth Daut, SESYNC
Jampel Dell’Angelo, SESYNC
Stacia Dreyer, University of Washington
Katie Fiorella, Cornell University
Anya Galli, University of Maryland
David Gill, SESYNC
Vicken Hillis, University of California, Davis
Allison Howard, University of Maryland
Michelle Johnson, U.S. Forest Service
Matthew LaFevor, SESYNC
Joe Maher, SESYNC
Philippe Marchand, SESYNC
Paul McCord, Indiana University
Heather Randell, SESYNC
Giovanni Rapacciuolo, University of California, Berkeley
Kathryn Sobocinski, NOAA
Phillip Staniczenko, University College London
Christopher Trisos, SESYNC
Nicola Ulibarri, Stanford University
Jenny Zambrano, SESYNC


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