Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop

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Principal Investigator: 
Jonathan Kramer, SESYNC
Rachel Berndtson, SESYNC
Associated Program: 

Specially designed for graduate students interested in the complex interactions between human and natural systems, a new, two-tiered program offered by SESYNC is intended to support current PhD students in the natural, social, and computational sciences; liberal arts; communications; and business studies in their pursuit of novel, independent synthesis research at our center in Annapolis, MD.

The Socio-Environmental Synthesis Research Proposal Writing Workshop (Tier 1) will provide graduate students with:

  • introductions to SESYNC, socio-environmental synthesis research, team science, and actionable science;
  • networking opportunities to build professional relationships with other students, particularly those from different disciplines; and
  • training sessions on the methods, challenges, and strategies associated with writing successful proposals, especially those related to the type of work SESYNC supports.

The workshop will be held over 2½ days in Annapolis, MD, from January 15–17, 2014. It is intended to maximize progress by graduate students intending to apply to the research opportunities described in Tier 2.

A call for proposals (Tier 2) for independent synthesis research by graduate students will follow the workshop in 2014. The call will be focused on two broad Themes:

  1. Cities in Sustainable Resource Management
  2. Surprise in Human Adaptation to Environmental Change

For more information about these Themes and associated research opportunity, click here.

Stephen Alexander, University of Waterloo
Andrea Armstrong, Utah State Univesity
Drew Bennett, Oregon State University
Maria Constanza Rios Marin, University of Florida
Ellen Esch, University of California San Diego
Helen Fox, World Wildlife Fund
Christopher Free, Rutgers Univesity
Emma Fuller, Princeton University
Kelly Hopping, Colorado State University
Michael Levy, University of California Davis
Suzanne Malec-McKenna, Morton Arboretum
Carolyn Mattick, Arizona State University
Brian McGill, University of Maine
Christine Miller Hesed, University of Maryland
Peter Narh, University of Bayreuth
Linwood Pendleton, Duke University
Michael Petriello, Texas A&M University
Stephen Posner, University of Vermont
Ryan Richards, George Mason University
Chelsie Romulo, George Mason University
David Seekell, University of Virginia
Kenneth Wallen, Texas A&M University
Samuel G.H. Wang, University of Hong Kong
Shelby Williams, University of Minnesota Twin Cities
Jingle Wu, Arizona State University
Karl Zimmerer, Pennsylvania State University
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