ESRI Awards Story Map on Coral Reefs

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Feb 22, 2017


ESRI Awards Story Map on Coral Reefs

GRID-Arendal won the Most Creative Map prize at the ESRI User Conference in Oslo for their Story Map on human dependence on coral reefs. The Story Map, “Endangered Reefs, Threatened People,” was based on SESYNC-supported research that found ocean acidification and rising temperatures may threaten the livelihoods of a large number of people living in coastal areas. 

Coral reefs provide a home for fish and other seafood. They also provide medicines and protect coastlines from waves and erosion. 

The Story Map highlights research developed with SESYNC’S computational resources, showing areas in the world that get the most benefit from corals and are the most vulnerable to reef damage from ocean acidification. For example, almost 4 million fishers depend on corals in Southeast Asia. 

The map was created by Levi Westerveld at GRID-Arendal, as well as Linwood Pendleton, at Duke University, who led the SESYNC research article. 

See the Story Map on GRID-Arendal’s website. For more information on Pendleton’s research at SESYNC, see the team's website: Using Spatial Data and Analysis to Understand the Human Impacts of Ocean Acidification.



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