Minnesota Wolf Hunt (2013-9)

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Feb 10, 2014
Alison Wallace, Teresa Shume, Shawn Garrett, and Steve Lindaas

This is a decision/dilemma case study on the commencement of the first Minnesota wolf hunt since the mid 1970’s. We begin with an introduction to the issue to engage the students and set the stage for the dilemma of whether to continue, revise, or discontinue the wolf hunt in subsequent years. Next, teams of students explore background information representing one of four perspectives: hunters/trapper, indigenous groups, farmers/ranchers, wildlife advocates. All students gain a scientific/ecological perspective by experiencing an introduction to population biology concepts via a series of inquiry-based activities. Students then assemble into task forces that containing one representative from each of the four perspectives to decide on a recommendation for future wolf population management decisions in Minnesota. Wrap up includes a debrief discussion and an opportunity to write individual letters to the editor (or perhaps the DNR) offering recommendations.

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