How Will Business Speak Biodiversity? Novel & Adaptive Uses for Ecosystem Services Data

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Sally Duncan, Oregon State University
Steve Elliot, University of Sydney

The increasing movement of corporations towards social and ecological responsibility suggests that the business world may lead a profound change in how we view our dependence upon natural capital: Corporations are increasingly focused on ecosystem services issues; demand for broader corporate impact measurement and disclosure related to ecosystem services parameters is growing; and several new initiatives have launched to further understanding of corporate impacts on ecosystem services. A barrier to this movement, however, is the lack of tools that make ecosystem services data—and the science behind them—relevant and accessible to strategic business planners. This Pursuit will explore new ways to integrate relevant data and tools into business applications related to ecological responsibility.

Josiane Bonneau, Wildlife Habitat Council
Becky Chaplin-Kramer, Stanford University
Amanda De Santis, Motionry
Robert Fiegener, Oregon State University
Gladwin Chakravarthy Joseph, Azim Premji University
Kevin Halsey, EcoMetrix Solutions
Linda Hwang, EcoMetrix Solutions
Gladwin Joseph, Ashoka Trust for Ecology and Economics
Mary Klein, NatureServe
Jen Molnar, Nature Conservancy
Joe Starinchak, US Fish and Wildlife Service
Sara Vickerman-Gage, Defenders of Wildlife
Monika Winn, University of Victoria
Faye Yoshihara, Forest Fractal
Guy Ziv, University of Leeds


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New Nature of Business: How Business Pioneers Support Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Apr 30, 2014

The New Nature of Business Report highlights the necessity for a new approach by business to the environment. The Report aims to address the lack of awareness, review the challenges businesses face, and present a persuasive case for action. It draws from examples of pioneering companies around the world that have responded successfully to this critical issue. Resources provide additional details to the Report on tools for evaluating outcomes, life cycle assessment, and measurements.

Can a new form of accounting save animals from extinction? Jan 13, 2015

News article in The Guardian.

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