Data Skills Workshops

A Data Skills Workshop provides researchers from the socio-environmental synthesis community with hands-on training in open source tools for collaborative coding, data management, analysis, visualization, and product dissemination. The goal of these single or multi day workshops is to introduce novice and intermediate scientific coders to concepts, skills and approaches for data-driven research. A typical agenda includes lessons that integrate lectures, live-coding and trainee challenge exercises. Customized workshops on advanced topics can be organized for participants of SESYNC funded projects.

Date Event
Jul 16, 2018 to Jul 20, 2018

Short Course: Introduction to Social Network Analysis


Jun 11, 2018 to Jun 15, 2018

Short Course: Introduction to Spatial Agent-Based Modeling


May 29, 2018 to Jun 08, 2018

Short Course: Bayesian Modeling for Socio-Environmental Data


Apr 02, 2018 to Apr 04, 2018

Geospatial Data Analysis Short Course


Jan 16, 2018 to Jan 18, 2018

Data Skills Workshop (R and Python) @bsosumd


Sep 22, 2017

Introduction to R and RStudio @ UMD/PSLA


Aug 15, 2017 to Aug 25, 2017

Bayesian Modeling for Socio-Environmental Data 2017


Aug 06, 2017

Unstructured and Qualitative Data for Socio-Environmental Synthesis


Aug 01, 2017 to Aug 03, 2017

Summer Workshop for CONSERVE Scholars


Jun 05, 2017 to Jun 09, 2017

Introduction to Spatial Agent-Based Modeling Short Course