Cyberinfrastructure Priorities & Needs of NSF BIO Centers

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Margaret Palmer, SESYNC
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A meeting of cyberinfrastructure officers and/or center Directors was facilitated by NSF program officers to help identify and prioritize cyberinfrastructure needs. Additionally, a goal of the meeting was to determine the extent of coordination necessary to allow an independent network of biological research centers and center-like organizations to thrive and add value to existing and future investments across the research community. Coordinating biological research and the cyberinfrastructure to enable domain research requires nimble computational resources, ability to support heterogeneous distributed data, robust and sustainable software development, and an innovative and well-trained workforce, along with the social and research infrastructure that supports them, to answer grand challenges that have previously been beyond the scope of traditional scientific method. In the meeting, participants focused on elements that will allow scientists across multiple biological disciplines to coordinate and balance large, highly-structured, top-down national entities that are able to capitalize on cutting edge cyberinfrastructure, and economies of scale, with the innovation and needs of a broad community of other scientific organizations and individual scientists that will enable research beyond existing scope. Outcomes from the meeting included the establishment of a monthly information exchange forum among IT officers, plans to share cyberinfrastructure education programs and materials, and other cross-center cyber initiatives.

Gabrielle Allen, OD/OCI
Jonas Almeida, BIO AC
Reed Beaman, BIO/DBI
Alan Blatecky, OCI/OAD
Liz Blood, BIO/OAD
Karen Cone, BIO/MCB
Melissa Cragin, BIO/OAD
Stewart Craig, BIO/DBI
Julie Dickerson, BIO/DBI
Henry Gholz, BIO/DEB
Anne Haake, BIO/DBI
Farnam Jahanian, CISE/OAD
Steve Klein, BIO/IOS
Anne Maglia, BIO/DBI
Peter McCartney, BIO/DBI
Melody Murray, BIO/DBI
Joann Roskoski, BIO/OAD
Sam Scheiner, BIO/DEB
Saran Twombly, BIO/DEB
Brett Tyler, BIO AC
Judy Verbeke, BIO/DBI
Donna Webb, BIO/DBI
John Wingfield, BIO/OAD
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