Cyber Visualization Technologies

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Award Year: 
Principal Investigator: 
Joseph Jaja, SESYNC
Associated Program: 

SESYNC hosted the Visualization Technologies to Support Research on Human-Environment Interactions Workshop to focus especially on the visualization and use of spatial datasets from the social and environmental sciences. The workshop discussed and identified some of the current visualization challenges and emerging opportunities in using spatial datasets to study human-environment interactions. The meeting was a ‘problem-solving’ workshop wherein domain scientists from the social and environmental sciences were able to learn about visualization tools and resources available for their work and computational scientists were able to learn about the as-yet unmet visualization needs in the domain sciences.

Featured Speakers:

Information Visualization for Knowledge Discovery: Exploration Tools for Socio-Environmental Systems
Ben Schneiderman, University of Maryland-College Park

Visualizing Socio-economic Pathways with Climate Change
Stephen Sheppard, University of British Columbia

Cities of Tomorrow: Visual Computing for Designing Sustainable Urban Ecosystems
Daniel Aliaga, Department of Computer Science, Purdue University


  • Visualization for Communication, Interactions, and Decision Making
  • Modeling and Visualization in Human-dominated Ecosystems
  • Smart Visual Environments
  • Scientific Modeling and Visualization
  • Visualization for Conservation
Daniel Aliaga, Purdue University
Claudia Baldwin
Nirmal K. Bhagabati, World Wildlife Fund
Remco Chang, Tufts University
Saurabh Channan, Univesity of Maryland, College Park
Victoria Chanse, University of Maryland
Tom Crawford, East Carolina University
Amelie Davis, University of Illinois at Chicago
Alex de Sherbinin
Joni Downs, University of South Florida
Bill Fagan, SESYNC
Katherine Foo, Clark University
Brian Frizelle, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Jon Froehlich, University of Maryland
Ashraf Ghaly, Union College
Diansheng Guo, University of South Carolina
Jeffrey Hamerlinck, University of Wyoming
Matt Hansen, University of Maryland
Ulrike Wissen Hayek, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Andrew Hill, Vizzuality (NY)
Ellen Hines
Joseph JaJa, SESYNC
Christian Jones, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Jon Kramer, SESYNC
Eckart Lange, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
Scott N. Lieske, University of Wyoming
Claudia Listopad
Heather J. Lynch, Stony Brook University
Manil Maskey, University of Alabama, Huntsville
Don Middleton, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Joan Nassauer, SESYNC
Margaret Palmer, SESYNC
Esther Parish, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Robin Puett, University of Maryland
Nathan Reigner, University of Vermont
Leslie Ries, SESYNC
Eugenia Rodrigues, University of Edinburgh
Maria Santos, Stanford University
Elizabeth A. G. Schwarz, University of California, Riverside
Mary Shelley, SESYNC
Stephen Sheppard, University of British Columbia
Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
Mike Smorul, SESYNC
Caroline Solomon, Gallaudet University
Leesa Souto, University of Central Florida
Jane Stadler, University of Queensland, Australia
Christy Steffke, Michigan State University
Laura Tateosian, North Carolina State University
Sidharth (Sid) Thakur, RENCI, UNC-Chapel Hill
Paul Torrens, University of Maryland
Oludunsin Tunrayo
Amanda Turnbridge
Amitabh Varshney, University of Maryland
Gregory Verutes, Stanford University
Jeremy Wimpey, Applied Trails Research
J.D. Wulfhorst, University of Idaho
Guy Ziv, Stanford University
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