Workshop: Graduate Leaders in Socio-Environmental Synthesis


"Graduate Leaders in Socio-Environmental Synthesis Workshop"

This is a new training opportunity open to master's and doctoral students from the social, natural, and computational sciences. The workshop is designed as a highly interactive experience that grounds key S-E synthesis concepts and skills in the context of students’ own research.

Pursuit: Social-Ecological Drivers of Change Over Time in Urban Woodlands


"Social-Ecological Drivers of Change Over Time in Urban Woodlands"

Remnant and regenerating forest patches are hotspots of biodiversity and ecosystem services in urban regions. Social uses and benefits, abrupt forest edges, introduced and invasive species, and urban climate warming combine to create novel ecological conditions and management challenges in urban woodlands. An array of public, private, and non-profit organizations engage in management and stewardship of these urban woodland patches.

Seminar: Dr. Milagros Sosa Landeo

Title: Mining Water Governance: Everyday Community-Mine Relationships in the Peruvian Andes

Seminar presented by Dr. Milagros Sosa Landeo, Wageningen University


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