Seminar Recording Now Available

In case you missed our latest virtual SESYNC seminar, a recording of "Quantifying How Global Change Impacts Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services " with Dr. Laura Dee is now available. 


Document: First Meeting Guide

This guide offters tips for how to structure and make the most of your first interdisciplinary team meeting. 

To view in your browser and/or download the guide, click on the PDF below.

A cover image of the First Meeting Guide 


Linking subsistence harvest diversity and productivity to adaptive capacity in an Alaskan food sharing network



Background – Although anthropogenic climate change poses existential challenges for Indigenous communities in the Arctic, these challenges are not entirely unprecedented. Over many generations, Arctic peoples have developed a wide range of behavioral strategies to navigate environmental change and uncertainty, and these strategies provide a foundation for contemporary adaptation.

Intro. to Spatial Agent-Based Models Part 2

In the second video of the "Introduction to Spatial Agent-Based Models (ABMs)" series, Dr. Nick Magliocca discusses the core components of an ABM; how they work; and applications that illustrate the flexibility of ABMs.


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