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Identifying temporal and spatial patterns of diatom community change in the tropical Andes over the last c. 150 years




Lakes in the Ecuadorean Andes span different altitudinal and climatic regions, from inter Andean plateau to the high‐elevation páramo, which differ in their historical evolution in the several centuries since the pioneering Humboldt expeditions. Here, we evaluate temporal and spatial patterns of change in diatom assemblages between historical (palaeolimnological) and modern times.

"Ecological Sustainability" and" What good is it anyway?"



Biological diversity - or ‘biodiversity’ - is the degree of variation of life within an ecosystem. It is a relatively new topic of study but has grown enormously in recent years. Because of its interdisciplinary nature the very concept of biodiversity is the subject of debate amongst philosophers, biologists, geographers and environmentalists.


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