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Seminar: Carrie Hritz

Seminar presented by Carrie Hritz, SESYNC Associate Director of Research.

Picture of Carrie Hritz

Title: Spying On The Past: Using geospatial technologies and declassified satellite photography to explore human and environment interactions in Ancient Mesopotamia

September Newsletter

Our September Newsletter highlights new research opportunities and postdoc fellowships, as well as new SESYNC staff.

Impacts of forest restoration on water yield: A systematic review



Enhancing water provision services is a common target in forest restoration projects worldwide due to growing concerns over freshwater scarcity. However, whether or not forest cover expansion or restoration can improve water provision services is still unclear and highly disputed.


European large-scale farmland investments and the land-water-energy-food nexus



• We explore the water-energy-food nexus for EU farmland investments.

• We estimate virtual water from crop production in the target countries.

• Virtual water is mostly green water consisting of 76% of the total water acquired.

• We analyse freshwater use between flexible, food and energy crops.

• Flexible/energy crops are responsible for most of the water acquired by EU investors.



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