SESYNC Featured in Themed Issue

A special issue in the journal Sustainability Science, uses an evolutionary framework to examine socio-environmental systems and reveal where and how humans manage the environment sustainably.

SESYNC Welcomes New Postdocs


Tijana Jovanovic


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Belgrade, Republic of Serbia

SESYNC project: 

It is a joint project between SESYNC and Microsoft, related to the new high resolution land cover data set developed for Puget Sound and Chesapeake Watersheds.

SESYNC Announces Four Postdoc Fellowship Opportunities

New Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunities at SESYNC     

The National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) invites applications for four Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities: One Postdoc will co-develop a research project to address research gaps on the link between climate change and children's health, another will study how societies cope with natural disasters, the third will focus on modeling the environmental impacts of food waste in the U.S, and the fourth will develop a project to improve

Immersion Workshop: Policy Sciences and Geography

 Postdoctoral Immersion Workshop on Policy Sciences and Geography.

The Immersion Program centers around a series of collaborative workshops led by Immersion Distinguished Scholars. These workshops are designed to immerse participants in theories and methods foundational to understanding current environmental challenges and their underlying socio-environmental systems. 


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