Technical Stats

November 12, 2012

What does it take to power SESYNC?

During the build out of our facilities, SESYNC and UMIACS (University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies) staff pulled over 30,000 feet (5.5 miles!) of Category 6 Ethernet cable through the Center (which moves data at up to10 gigs/sec).

Hard at work: SESYNC staff pulling cables in Fall 2011

SESYNC and UMIACS staff also terminated over 240 Ethernet ports, and installed two equipment racks, 4 UPS back-up batteries and a dozen wireless access points throughout the Center. Our outbound connectivity is a 500 megabit metro-ethernet circuit connecting our offices to the University of Maryland in College Park. We are in the process of acquiring a 10 gigabit connection which will allow access to resources at College Park as if they were on our local network.

Now that we’ve been officially open for 10 months, here are a few statistics on what we’ve deployed over the past year:

Total video conferencing participant hours: 815

Available research storage: 35 terabytes

Active network connections: 80

FUN FACT: Our available research storage is the equivalent to the storage space of over 7,000 DVD movies!


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