Seminar: Dr. Matt Fitzpatrick

From genes to urban areas: Applications of spatial modeling to assess climate change vulnerability in natural and built systems

Seminar: Dr. Tim Newfield

Building and Disassembling Big Histories of Disease: Interdisciplinarity and Ancient Pandemics

Seminar presented by Dr. Tim Newfield, Georgetown University.

Seminar: Dr. Nicole Tichenor Blackstone


Toward sustainable diets: exploring environmental and social costs of consumption


Seminar presented by Dr. Nicole Tichenor Blackstone, Tufts University.

Towards a practical environmental footprint tool


This project will first develop the Integrated Environmental Footprint Tool (IEFT) for campus sustainability management, and we will then use that campus tool in conjunction with individual consumer footprints to explore strategies for reducing the consumer-driven portion of the campus footprints. 


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