Aug 05, 2020
Building A Network for Network Analysis

Former SESYNC postdocs Phillip Staniczenko and Lorien Jasny recently led a new online version of their SESYNC short course Introduction to Social and Ecological Network Analysis.  



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Jul 30, 2020
Integrating Water Management Teaching in Schools – Why Is It Important?

Former SESYNC Postdoc Tijana Jovanovic is the team lead on a new initative designed to integrate water management into schools' curricula. Jovanovic, now a Surface/Subsurface Hydrological Modeller with the British Geological Survey, will be leading the project for Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA), a research program funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. Learn more about the project below from Tijana herself, in this release that was originally published on CAMELLIA's website



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Jul 23, 2020
SESYNC's Announcement Regarding Fall RFPs

 Due to the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, SESYNC has made the difficult decision to not move forward in issuing our requests for proposals (RFPs) that are traditionally posted in the fall.


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Jul 15, 2020
SESYNC Postdoc Varsha Vijay Uses Her Baking Skills to Raise Money for Fighting Racism

SESYNC Postdoc Varsha Vijay recently participated in the Bakers Against Bakeshop Initiative, a virtual bake sale designed to raise money for causes fighting against systemic racism. As part of her efforts, Varsha used her baking talents to create treats that she sold to her neighbors, friends, and colleagues.  


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Jun 11, 2020
Territorial Behaviors in Animals Could Play Greater Role in Disease Spread than Previously Thought

In a new paper in PLOS One, SESYNC researchers examined the impacts of the Justinianic Plague with mathematical modeling. From the modeling, they found that it was unlikely that any transmission route of the plague would have had both the mortality rate and duration described in the primary sources.



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Jun 09, 2020
Researchers Share Key Ingredients for Building Momentum for Interdisciplinary Collaboration

A team of early-career researchers explain how they were able to build momentum following a workshop to put together an interdisciplinary project proposal. 

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Jun 09, 2020
SESYNC’s Graduate Program Plugs in but Keeps the Connection Human: Here’s how your team can do the same

SESYNC's Graduate Program provides updates on changes it's made during COVID-19 and offers recommendations for maintaining a human connection among teams even when working remotely.

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Jun 08, 2020
SESYNC’s Immersion Program Immerses Itself in a Digital World

To better serve the postdoc community and the workshops’ invited Distinguished Scholars during this uncertain period, the Immersion Program is taking a novel, digital approach to its core feature—its workshops. For the first time, the Immersion Program will be transitioning its usual 2-day, in-person workshops this fall to an online learning format.

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May 29, 2020
Saying Farewell to SESYNC Postdocs Xavier Benito & Florian Gollnow

SESYNC highlights the work and achievements of Xavier Benito and Florian Gollnow as they wrap up their postdoc residency at the Center.

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May 07, 2020
An Introduction to Disease Modeling: Understanding COVID-19 Means Understanding Disease Modeling

SESYNC postdoc Lauren White explains the methodology behind infectious disease modeling to help others better understand the impacts of COVID-19.

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