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Publications & Results

Publications and outcomes from on-going and completed projects.
Resource Title Brief Summary
Impact of Diverse Behavioral Theories on Environmental Management: Explorations with Daisyworld Apr 01, 2017

Proceedings of the 2016 Winter Simulation Conference.

The Tragedy of the Grabbed Commons: Coercion and Dispossession in the Global Land Rush Apr 01, 2017

Article published in World Development.

Non-native species and the aesthetics of nature Feb 17, 2017

Chapter publishedIn Impact of Biological Invasions on Ecosystem Services.

Resilience in the Global Food System Feb 09, 2017

Article published in Environmental Research Letters.

Integrating Ecosystem Services and Disservices: Insights from Plan Invasions Feb 02, 2017

Article published in Ecosystem Services.

Urbanization and Environmental Policy Effects on the Future Availability of Grazing Resources on the Mongolian Plateau: Modeling Socio-Environmental System Dynamics Feb 01, 2017

Article published in Environmental Science and Policy.

Anthropogenic Ecosystem Disturbance and the Recovery Debt Jan 20, 2017

Article published in Nature Communications.

Calculate Fetch and Wave Energy Jan 15, 2017

R package to calculate fetch length and wave energy

Integrating Fisheries and Agricultural Programs for Food Security Jan 10, 2017

Article published in Agriculture & Food Security.

Best Practices for Virtual Participation in Meetings: Experiences from Synthesis Centers Jan 05, 2017

Article published in The Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America.