Tropical Reforestation

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Robin Chazdon, University of Connecticut
Arun Agrawal, University of Michigan
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Tropical forest landscapes are undergoing unprecedented change, with uncertain consequences for human populations. Apart from immediate effects on biodiversity and planetary carbon balance, deforestation and land degradation in the tropics directly affect livelihoods, food security, and human health. But there’s good news: decades of ecological research indicate that many of the negative ecological consequences of deforestation can be reversed over time. Far less is known, however, about the effects of reforestation, ecological restoration, and forest landscape restoration on individuals, households, villages, municipalities, and nations, and the feedbacks between forest recovery and human society. This understanding is fundamental to sustaining forest ecosystems and productive tropical landscapes in a rapidly changing world. This project, the first collaborative effort between international forest research networks and institutions (PARTNERS, IFRI/FLARE, and CIFOR/CGIAR) and several organizations and funding agencies, brings together researchers, policy specialists, and practitioners who strive to understand the ecological and social drivers and impacts of reforestation across diverse geographies and scales. Together, we seek to answer: “What are the social effects of reforestation programs at different spatial and temporal scales, and how are the associated ecological and economic benefits and costs distributed among social groups?" By developing research syntheses and a case study database, we aim to identify and address future research and implementation needs and priorities. Ultimately, the aim of our work is to produce long-term, context relevant solutions for reforesting landscapes that are mutually beneficially for people and forests.  

Sara Wilson, University of Michigan
Luis Garcia-Barrios, El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (ECOSUR)
Ahwini Chhatre, Indian School of Business
Oliver Coomes, McGill University
Manuel Guariguata, Center for International Forestry Research
Maria Claudia Lopez, Michigan State University
Anja Gassner, World Agroforestry Centre
Louis Putzel, Center for International Forestry Research
Elizabeth Shapiro-Garza, Duke University
Nicole Sibelet, French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development & Nouvelle-Aquitaine Digital Technology Centre
Angelica Almeyda Zambrano, University of Alabama
Cristina Adams, University of São Paulo
Elena Lazos, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Liana Wortley, University of Technology Sydney
Johan Oldekop, University of Sheffield & University of Michigan
David Gritten, The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC)
Agni Klintuni Boedhihartono, James Cook University
Eduardo Brondizio, Indiana University
Kathleen Buckingham, World Resources Institute
James Erbaugh, University of Michigan
John Herbohn, University of the Sunshine Coast
Stephanie Mansourian, Independent Consultant
Jeffrey Sayer, James Cook University
Barbara Vallarino, EcoLogic
Gretchen Walters, International Union for Conservation of Nature
Sven Wunder, Center for International Forestry Research, Peru
John Zinda, Cornell University
Krister Andersson, University of Colorado, Boulder
Eva Garen, Tale University, Environmental Learning & Training Initiative
Margaret Holland, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
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