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Allen Blackman, Resources for the Future

Although tropical deforestation in Mesoamerica continues to have severe environmental impacts, the human, financial, and technical resources available to curtail it are limited. Therefore, it is critically important that the resources we deploy are spent on policies that are effective. Unfortunately, however, credible evidence on policy effectiveness is quite scarce. We know little about whether and under what conditions community forestry, eco-certification, payments for environmental services, and other leading policies actually stem deforestation. A key reason is that the conventional approach to evaluating these policies is flawed and tends to generate overly optimistic results. Over the past decade, a new, more rigorous approach has been developed that relies on remotely sensed deforestation data along with statistical techniques that correct for the bias from conventional methods. Yet uptake by policymakers has been slow because this approach is data intensive and requires technical expertise. To overcome these barriers and to grow the evidence base on conservation policy effectiveness, the proposed project aims to:

  1. compile the requisite fine-scale spatial data for all of Mesoamerica;
  2. build a first-ever computational tool for evaluating forest conservation policies that is freely available, web-based, user-friendly, and that has the aforementioned data on-board;
  3. conduct a series of workshops to train an initial set of key stakeholders to use the tool; and
  4. build a virtual library of evaluations conducted with the tool, and a network of evaluators.
Francisco Aguilar, University of Missouri
Jennifer Alix-Garcia, University of Wisconsin Madison
Aaron Bruner, Conservation Strategy Fund
Jonah Busch, Center For Global Development
Leonardo Corral, Inter-American Development Bank
Alexander Egorenkov, Resources for the Future
Tia Ferguson, National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Paul Ferraro, Georgia State University
Len Goff, Resources for the Future
David Hughell, Rainforest Alliance
Colby Loucks, World Wildlife Fund
Joseph Maher, Resources for the Future
Juan Robalino, Environment and Development initiative Center for Central America
Juha Siikamäki, Resources for the Future
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