New Cyberhelp Blog Post: Build a Shiny App to Browse MODIS Data

Apr 18, 2018

Build a Shiny App to Browse MODIS Data

In preparation for our recent geospatial short course, I spent some time getting up to date on the new features in the leaflet R package. There are so many possibilities between the new add-ons in “base” leaflet like inset mini maps and measuring tools, and even more functionality being added all the time in leaflet.extras, mapedit, and mapview.

One of the things I really enjoy about leaflet in R is how you can visualize and explore spatial data relatively quickly. Many public data sets like National Land Cover, National Hydrography, and even real time weather and satellite data are available as web mapping services that make it possible to add layers of these data sets with just a few lines of code.

A really nice update to leaflet is that it’s now easier to add different base map layers, since there’s a providers list that now ships with the package. Whereas previously you would need to know the exact name of the map layer you wanted to use and put it in quotes, now tab-completetion makes it possible to just scroll through the list of 110 providers!"

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