Assessment & Modeling of Ecosystem Services

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May 31, 2012

There is a growing need for time-series observations to detect changes in socio-ecological systems and the production and benefit of ecosystem services. There is also a need for observational tools that foster spatial measurement, as well as analyses that facilitate integration of social and biophysical data across local, regional, and global scales.

Under this Theme, SESYNC sought proposals for activities related to data, modeling, and methods that would improve our capacity to observe ecosystem services, respond to current conditions, and anticipate and adapt to future scenarios. We invited proposals that emphasized information relevant not just to research, but also to natural resource decision-making.

Examples of research questions under this Theme might broadly include (but are in no way limited to):

  • How can strategic analyses and visualization approaches transform measurements of ecosystem services into more policy-relevant information?
  • What approaches can we use to standardize plot- and landscape-level ecosystem service metrics so that diverse sources of data can be used to advance regional and global synthesis?
  • How can we use of different forms of data for alternative approaches to integrate modeling and thus improve understanding of the dynamics of ecosystem services?

Information on projects funded under this Theme can be found here.

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