Computational Results

SESYNC is committed to public dissemination of data and to open-source software development and distribution. When synthesis projects result in the creation of original datasets or databases, new software or web tools, analysis or model code, SESYNC will work with science teams to locate appropriate repositories and long-term storage for these resources. See below for a list of datasets, software tools, and computationally-oriented publications from on-going and completed SESYNC-supported projects:

Resources Date
Associations between sociodemographics and green infrastructure placement in Portland, Oregon Apr 13, 2017

Article published in the Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment.

Finding the driver of local ocean-atmosphere coupling in reanalyses and CMIP5 climate models Apr 01, 2017

Article published in Climate Dynamics.

A novel framework to account for ecological drivers in the control and elimination of environmentally transmitted disease: a modelling study Apr 01, 2017

Article published in The Lancet.


Will your paper be used in a meta-analysis? Make the reach of your research broader and longer lasting Mar 25, 2017

Article published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution.

Capacity shortfalls hinder the performance of marine protected areas globally Mar 22, 2017

Article published in Nature as part of the Solving the Mystery of Marine Protected Area (MPA) Performance Project.

The Power of Peers: How Transnational Advocacy Networks Shape NGO Strategies on Climate Change Mar 20, 2017

Article published in the Bristish Journal of Political Science.

Planning for the future of urban biodiversity:   A global review of city-scale initiatives Mar 15, 2017

Article published in BioScience.

Host associations and turnover of haemosporidian parasites in manakins (Aves: Pipridae) Mar 14, 2017

Article published Parasitology.

The nexus between forest fragmentation in Africa and Ebola virus disease outbreaks Feb 14, 2017

Article published in Nature: Scientific Reports.

Resilience in the Global Food System Feb 09, 2017

Article published in Environmental Research Letters.