Computational Results

SESYNC is committed to public dissemination of data and to open-source software development and distribution. When synthesis projects result in the creation of original datasets or databases, new software or web tools, analysis or model code, SESYNC will work with science teams to locate appropriate repositories and long-term storage for these resources. See below for a list of datasets, software tools, and computationally-oriented publications from on-going and completed SESYNC-supported projects:

Resources Date
Watersheds, Forests, and Childhood Health: Global Relationships and Policy Opportunities Apr 01, 2015

Article published in The Lancet.

Local cooling and warming effects of forests based on satellite observations Mar 31, 2015

Article published in Nature Communications.

Developing Scientific Software throught the Open Community Engagement Process Feb 10, 2015

White paper published on figshare.

A Simple Example of a Socio-Environmental System: Coupled Rabbit and Farm Dynamics Jan 12, 2015

Quantitative models are excellent tools for understanding the dynamics of complex socio-environmental systems (SES), and for explicating those dynamics in a meaningful way to students. Here we utilize both a dynamical and an agent-based model to examine a suite of human-environment interactions in a hypothetical SES. Specifically, the hypothetical SES involves the management of rabbit populations while maximizing nearby farm productivity and profitability. The purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate how manipulating different components of these two alternative models can help students visualize and analyze key features of the SES, such as feedbacks and adaptation. The models also allow students to assess how different decisions, like implementing certain policies, influence tradeoffs and synergies in the SES.

Impacts of people and tigers on leopard spatiotemporal activity patterns in a global biodiversity hotspot Dec 09, 2014

Article published in the journal Global Ecology and Conservation.

Urban Water Blueprint Dec 01, 2014

Urban Water Blueprint analyzes water risks worldwide and recommends conservation solutions.

The COMPADRE Plant Matrix Database: an open online repository for plant demography Nov 09, 2014

Article published in the Journal of Ecology.

Simulation games that integrate research, entertainment, and learning around ecosystem services Nov 07, 2014

Article published in Ecosystem Services.

Nitrogen Removal by Stormwater Management Structures: A Data Synthesis Sep 03, 2014

Letter published in Journal of the American Water Resources Association.

Human Land-Use Practices Lead to Global Long-Term Increases in Photosynthetic Capacity Jun 18, 2014

Article published in the journal Remote Sensing.