Esri Storymap: Endangered Reefs, Threatened People

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Nov 09, 2016
L. Pendelton, A. Comte, C. Langdon, J. A. Ekstrom, S. R. Cooley, L. Suatoni, M. W. Beck, L. M. Brander, L. Burke, J. E. Cinner, C. Doherty, P. E. T. Edwards, D. Gledhill, L.-Q. Jiang, R. J. van Hooidonk, L. Teh, G. G. Waldbusser, and J. Ritter


In conjunction with the "Using Spatial Data and Analysis to Understand the Human Impacts of Ocean Acidification" SESYNC synthesis team paper in PLOS ONE, the authors created and published an Esri Storymap titled, "Endangered Reefs, Threatened People." This Storymap helps to supplement the paper as well as provides valuable information to the public on ocean acidification, coral reefs under climate change, and how coral reefs help people.
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