University of MD and State of Maryland Chinese Initiative


As part of the Maryland China Initiative, a  SESYNC hosted a delegation of 18 officials from different Provincial Environmental Protection Departments.These delegates are visiting for a two-week program on environmental management and visited SESYNC to learn about how we operate and how we developing programs to create actionable science.

SESYNC Announces Social Science Fellowships

Research Opportunities for Social Science and Humanities Scholars 

The Social Dimensions of Environmental Sustainability

Postdoctoral Positions 

Early or Mid-career Visiting Fellows 

Research Team Support 

Learning to Integrate Across Natural and Social Sciences

Solutions to difficult problems at the interface of the environment and human society require the synthesis of diverse types of information from natural and social sciences. Today’s undergraduate and graduate students must develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities that allow them to undertake such synthesis efforts and successfully engage in interdisciplinary efforts to solve socio-environmental problems.

UM 'synthesis' center seeks to balance nature, people

By Timothy B. Wheeler, The Baltimore Sun 7:47 p.m. EST, January 30, 2012 Scientists, economists, politicians, educators and even an artist gathered Monday in Annapolis to mark the launch of an unusual University of Maryland think tank that aims to bring academic disciplines together to tackle thorny environmental issues.

Socioenvironmental Sustainability and Actionable Science

As Director of NSF’s newest synthesis center and its only one focused on bridging social and natural science to address issues of the environment, Margaret Palmer was invited to write a brief article for the journal BioScience.   The editors of the journal were particularly interested in SESYNC’s focus on “actionable science”.

Rural Forest Communities at a Tipping Point? Trends & Actionable Research Opportunities

Our proposed Pursuit project focuses on ecological wealth and changing human populations in rural forest communities in developed countries. This Pursuit project begins with an over-arching research theme of addressing the extent to which these lands and their associated services stand poised at tipping points. In turn, as we collectively pursue research questions related to this over-arching theme, we will pose and respond to these questions with actionable research goals in mind.


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