Keeping Collaborations Moving Forward—Even in an Online World

Over the past several months, SESYNC’s research teams have met the challenge of shifting their in-person collaborations entirely online with ongoing flexibility, resilience, and commitment. Below, PIs from several of our Pursuits and Graduate Pursuits share the practices they’re using to keep their projects moving forward and to maintain strong connections among their team members.  

Next Virtual Seminar: Dec. 1

Join us on Dec. 1 for the final virtual seminar of our fall series with Dr. Theresa Ong of Dartmouth College. Talk is free and open to the public. Registration required.

Introduction to Ecological Networks

In this new video from SESYNC, Dr. Phillip Staniczenko explains what ecological networks are, why they’re useful, and where he thinks the field is heading next.


Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling

In this new tutorial video from SESYNC, Dr. Nicholas Magliocca gives an overview of the basics of spatial agent-based modeling in the context of socioenvironmental systems. 


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