Seminar Recording Now Available

In case you missed our latest virtual SESYNC seminar, a recording of "Chinatowns as Alternative Food Networks" with Dr. Theresa Ong is now available. 


Video: Introduction to Spatial Agent-Based Models

In this tutorial video, Dr. Nicholas R. Magliocca provides an overview of the basics of spatial agent-based models (ABMs) within the context of socio-environmental systems. This video aims to explain 1) what ABMs are, 2) why they are a useful tool for studying socio-environmental systems, and 3) what makes them different from other modeling approaches in SES research.

Video: Introduction to Ecological Networks

Dr. Phillip P.A. Staniczenko from the City University of New York (CUNY) explains what ecological networks are, why they’re useful, and where he thinks the field is heading next.


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